West Bengal State Marketing Board

1. To obtain remunerative price of agricultural produce for the farmers and building effective and integrated three tire marketing infrastructure for marketing of agricultural produce.

2. To avoid distress sale by disseminating market information of adjacent markets and temporary storage in cool chambers, arrangements for storage & pack house.

3. To use the market infrastructure assets effectively.

4. To achieve reduction in overall costs of maintenance, waste, related services to the farmers.

5. To train farmers to adopt proper techniques in agricultural production coordinating all related Departments like Agriculture, Horticulture & Food Processing.

6. To provide technical services to small and marginal farmers in the rural belt.

7. To comply with the regulatory measures under statutory requirements.

8. Introduction grading, packing, cool house services and transportation to urban markets.

9. Soil testing, seed, fertiliser and pesticide selection including preparation of organic fertiliser advisory services.

10. Defining cropping pattern cropping calendar for producing areas.

11. Estimating supply, demand, and consumption pattern of produce.

12. Define population served by the market system including immedate population and that of adjacent catchments zones.

13. Encouraging farmers groups and cooperatives in producing and marketing higher value crops.

14. Improving access to market facilities by increasing the density of rural markets so that the average distance of farmers to market facilities is reduced.

15. Facilitating construction of a network of wholesale markets, possibly in collaboration with private sector.

16. Establishing a market information network service to promote trading.

17. Improving urban nutritional standards by increasing the availability of fresh produce in urban areas.

18. Enhancing the farmers cooperatives and local youths to operate and maintain market infrastructures created by the Board.

19. Training programmes for all categories of market level functionaries, farmers, Cold Storage Technicians through a Training Institute being established under the guidance of the National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) set up by GoI.