West Bengal State Marketing Board
Infrastructures created by West Bengal State Marketing board

1. Market Infrastructure Development: Market infrastructures have been developed at 28 Principal Market Yards and 149 Sub Market Yards under 46 Regulated Market Committees in the Districts that includes storage facilities, auction platforms, market shades and stalls and other related infrastructures. The details of such infrastructures are indicated in respective pages of each .   Regulated Market Committee ..doc  

          2. Linkage between production areas to markets of prime importance for quick, easy and cheap transportation all weather roads are necessary. The State Marketing Board has constructed 1515 Kms of market link roads to develop rural areas, linking producing areas with markets in various parts of the State.

          3. Construction of storage structures at domestic level: - The main objective of the scheme is to distribute storage structures among the small and marginal farmers thereby creating scientific storage facility for preservation of food grains and seeds. Scientifically planned storages of 2 to 4 MT capacity are encouraged to be built by individuals on 50% subsidy basis.

         4. Subsidy for bullock cart/rickshaw vans/motorized vans:- With a view to provide the farmers with economic means of transportation  West Bengal State Marketing Board supplied Rickshaw Vans to unemployed youths and small & marginal farmers to earn their livelihood by providing cheaper transportation facilities to farmers in the remote areas.  IIT Kharagpur has developed improved bullock carts and the Department has been helping the farmers by providing subsidy to own improved bullock carts, rickshaw vans etc.

       5. To popularise agricultural produce through organic fertilisers and vermi compost, West Bengal State Marketing Board has introduced training of its officials and women members of small & marginal farmers on vermi compost and organic manures. These trained persons are helping formation of self help groups in production of low cost organic fertilisers from kitchen & garden waste. It is not only improving the quality of agricultural produce but also improving the family income of farmers. This training will be intensified gradually.

         6. The State Marketing Board has set up drinking water facilities in remote tribal undeveloped areas and also forest areas, rural market platforms, and created minimum marketing infrastructures in some rural hats & bazaars. It has approached the Government to handover the management of 2900 & plus rural periodical markets for necessary infrastructure development for improving the marketing of agricultural produce.