West Bengal State Marketing Board
                          Development In The Year 2005-2006

21. Karimpur Regulated Market Committee

1. Earth work in the road gour vang Saydul Hossion Khan House 400 Mtr under Karimpur- II Panchayet Samity .

2. Market link Road from Dhonear Kanapukur More to uttar para Kadamtala 2Km.

22. Kalna Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of Shop cum Godown for Rice including plinth protection at P.M. Yard.

2.Construction of Paddy shed at P. M. Yard Zewadhara.

3.Construction of Paddy Shad at P. M. YardZowdhar.

23. Kalimpong Regulated Market Committee

1. Earth cutting for land development on the Northern porthern of land inside of P. M. Yard

2.Construction of Foot Bridge over Chhamail Jhora connecting starte High way to Tanak Village under Border Area Development Work plan during 2004-05.

3. Construction of Boundary wall, Partly with R.C.C. and Partly with Angle Iron posts including Barbed wire fencing at the land of P.M. Yard.

4. Construction of stair Steps adjacent to the 400sq ft. shopping units within P.M. Yard .

5. Construction of Retaining wall at the Back side of 9 units of Shop inside P.M. Yard.

6. Construction of Entry gate of the land of P.M. Yard of Kalimpong RMC 11trh Mile top Khana.

7. Construction of 12 Nos.of Shops (each 600) at P. M. Yard of Kalimpong RMC.

8. Supplementary work of Box Drain within P.M. Yard.

24. Kaliaganj Regulated Market Committee

1. Const. of M. L. Rd. by R.B.M. From Bindal Hospital to Antara Along with Hume pipe culvert & wing walls of existing culvert under Raiganj Block.

2. Constn. of M. L. Road by R.B.M. from Kalua Kalamani market to ICDS school under Hemtabad within The Jurisdiction of Kaliaganj RMC

3. Const. M. L.Rd. by R.B.M. from Rasidpur Tarangapur via Anuani Singtor (1st Floor) along with 2(two) Nos. H.P. culvert under Kaliaganj Blaok

4. Constn. of Market link Road by RBM from Chamakali to Bondoli F.P. School along with 3 Nos. hume Pipe culvert Under Kaliaganj Block

5. Strengthening to the road from Hat –Gacchi to Srimantapur Madrasha

6. Construction of M. L. Road by RBM along with 2(two) nos. hum pipe culvert from Khaksha High School to Khalshi under Raiganj Block.

7. Market link Road by RBM from Dilalpur (Kharipara) to Khanpur Under Raiganj Block.

8. M. L.Rd. (RBM) from Kalur Chura More to Turiban under Hemtabad

9. Construction of Brick Soling Road From uttar Rampur to Kachedangi under Raiganj Block in the District of uttar Dinajpur.

10. Constn. of M. L. Rd. by RBM from Telipukur Chandahar under Raiganj Block.

11. R.C.C. Box Bridge (3mx3m) At Patnoliaghat on the road Shrimantpur to Patnolia More under Ithar Block.

25. Lalbagh Regulated Market Committee

1.Concrete Road from Sailandra Nath House to Abani Basu House at Jiaganj AZM Municipality, ward No.2

2.Construction of Concrete Road From Thakurbari to Uttam Saha House at Jiaganj A.Z.M Munici- pality ,ward no 2 M.J. Block.

3.Laterite Road and culvert from Jiyaganj Sannyaseetala more to Station Kalibari ward no.3 at Jiaganj-AZM Municipality.

4.Construction of Road starting of From Sankar Pramanick House To Panch Kari Ghosh House at Jiaganj AZM municipality.

5. Road & Culvert starting from Kanchanpur Nawshed’s house to Hatam’s House via Eadhgaha and Kalur’s House

6.Laterite Road from Sanayseedanga Gokunagar Gorosthan to Katijianga Natengram

7.Development of Brick Bats and Laterate Road from Indradanga Culvert to Indradanga Kadamtala More.

8.Sosidharpur village laterite Road from Jhill Chat to Sosidharpur more 300. & Pajul Sk. House to Zaru Sk. House 200mtr.& Alam Sk. House to Samser Sk.House 100m.& Saidul Sk. House to Ansar Sk House 250M. & Moinuddin Sk. House to Nowsuddin Sk. House 300 Mkapasdanga G.P. M.J. Block Total Length 1250mtr.

9.Laterite Road from Herampur Saddarpara Primary School Lockman More 1000Mtr Herampore G.P. Raninagar

10. Laterite Road, Drain & Guard wall from Aboni Haldar House to Beliya School 1600m. Proshadpur G.P. M.J. Block

11. Laterate Road from Lochanpur Natungram P.W.D. Road Alauddin Sk’s House to Amanat & Kishor Mondal’s House via Monoranjan Mondal’s 1000.00M. Lochanpur-G.P. Raninagar-1.

12. Laterate Road three point Sibnagar from Ataul Sk. To Dulal’s land 300m. & (ii) Sashem Sk. House to Mohar Sk. House 250Mtr. Guard Wall 45.50mtr. & One Culvert (iii) Mainnul Sk. House to Amod Ali House 250M. Kapashdanga G.P. M.J. Block Total Length 800.00mtr

13. Leterite Road from Hallaspur Manik Shop to Dharampur Mosque (1.5KM) under Dangapara G.P.

14. Laterite Road from Banipur Abdul Hakim House to Md. Moslam Sk. House 2000 M (2KM) Malibari G.P. Raninagar-II

15. Laterite Road from Paharpur Kalimandir Sk. House to end of Ghat side 1200.00 mtr.Paharpur G.P. Raninagar-I

16. Laterite Road from Sheel Pukur Mosque to I.C.D.S. center 400.00Mtr. Proshadpur G.P . M. J. Block Vetted by P.E , Board

17. New Bituminous Road at Dahapara from Sakotala More to Ferighat 240mtr. Dahapara G.P. M. J.

18. Construction of M.L. Road from Doulatpur Culvert more to Mojamel Sk. House Battala and Ragunath Hanif Sk. House to Salihaspur.

19. Electrical Work done at Word No,.14,15,& 16.

20. Administrative approval accordingly on 27.12.05.

26. Midnapur Sadar (N) Regulated Market Committee

1. Improvement of Market link Road from Balibandh to Saipara Via Dokra and Kenduboni to Jamboni via Ghoratoria G.P. No. 5.

2. Repairing of M.L. Road (Black top) from Moyrakata Pitch road to Amlagora Pitch Road (at Gopikishan Cold Storage) in the area Gorbeta-I Panchayet Samity.

3. Improvement of M.L. Road (from Raskundu Pitch Road to Chara Gora in the area Gorbeta-I Panchayet Samity

4. Improvement /Development of M. L Rd. from (Black top) from Goaltore sub-market yard to collage more and construction of culvert, Gorbeta-II Panchayet Samity.

5. Improvement /Development of M. L Rd. (550m) at Dinmari Nuniachatri And construction of culvert (1.60m) Sausage work (215m) at Medinipur Sadar Panchayet Samity.

6. Improvement of M. L.Rd. from Juisagarpur to Borarari & Construction of H.P. Culvert & Guard wall on the Rd. of Jamna G.P. No. 2 Purba Para Pingla Panchayet Samity.

7. Improvement of M.L.Road and construction of Drain at Kalgung, Tantigari, G.P. No.4 Medinipur Sadar P.S. Improvement of M.L.Rd. from Bagher Pukur to Berah & Guard wall Monidaha G.P. No. 3 under Medinipur Sadar P.S.

8. Construction of Deck Slab Culvert at Kalgung (Near D.V.C School) 4 no. Tantigeria G.P. No. 4 Medinipur Sadar Panchayet.

9. Construction of Deck slab culvert at Girish Nagar (link with N.H. – 60 Pilgrimage /3 No. ward in the area of Medinipur Municipality

10. Escalation of Rate towards the Work of construction of Bridge over Seuli Khal.

11. Construction of 8 Nos stalls at Chatinasol Sub-Market Yard (Part-II)

12. Construction of 8 Nos stalls at Chatinasol Sub-Market .

13. Constn. of Forteen (14) Nos. Market Stalls at Goaltore Sub- Market Yard under Gorbeta-ii Panchayet Samity

14. Extension of fish & meet shed (a.c.c.) Construction of Hungarh S.M. Yard

15.Improvement of M. L. Road Bagher Pukur to Berah & Guard wall Monidaha G.P. No. 3.

16.Development of Market link Road from Darlargaige to Barajam with ..speen pipe culvert Guard wall & Tube at Gambelts III P.S.

27. Mekliganj Regulated Market Committee

1. Repairing of Pothole of the Market link Road from Kalir Hat more to Dhulir Hat.

2. Repairing of Road from Kalithat More to Dhuliahat More at Uchalpukri Gram Panchayet.

3. Construction of M.L. Rd. from Mistri Para (Ramesh Roys House to Tinbigha C.P. W.D. Rd. under Notified area of Mekliganj RMC 2.5Km

4. Bituminous Road from sarkar More to zero point counter area under Notified area of Mekhliganj RMC

5. Const. of culvert at Mistripara .

6. Construction of 165 M.C.C. Drain (2nd Ph) At Changrabandha

28. Mathabhanga Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of Jute Action Shed at Sitalkuchi Hat.

2. Proposed single storied (two storied foundation) Market Complex at Mathabanga Hat Phase 2 on cattle Market Road North West Side Total Nos of Stall

3. Proposed single storied (two storied foundation ) Market Complex at Mathabhanga hat. Phase-3 (new cattle Market Road North Corner) Total Nos of Stalls – 32. + Construction of inner Row in Cattle Market.

29. North 24 Parganas Regulated Market Committee

1. Improvement & Development of Road from Zirat Road to Bhurkunda G.P. P.S. Asokenagar Hizilia Bus Stop to Dighir Hat.

2. Development of Road Chitta Basu Sarani under Panna Jhil Block No5 from House of Jitendra Nath Boral To Chalk Barbaria More under North 24 Parganas R.M.C.

3. Improvement and development of Road From Kalyani Highly to Paltapara Rd. Via Mathurapur & Kayarapur F.P. School at Kowachi-II Gram Panchayet And under Barrackpur-I PanchayetSamity.Rs.

4. Construction of Black topping Road with necessary repairing from Barasat-I Block Development office at Choto Jagulia to Dighar More (Jossore Road Junction) under Barasat-I Panchayet Samity.

7. Improvement of Link Road at Humaipur under ward No.13 of Madhyamgram Municipality from (Burial Ground to the house of Mehabub Rahaman.

8. Imoprovement of Road at Humaipur from from Nabajagaran Sangha to Kukanta sporting clup under Madhyamgram Municipality.

9. Construction of Ratneswar Ghat Road (Black Top) from Ralneswar ghat to New sporting club under Garulia Municipality.

10.Construction of Ratnewar Ghat Road (Block top ) from new Sparting club to Ghosh para Rd. under Garulia Municipality.

30. Pandua Regulated Market Committee

1. Improvement of Link road at Bose Pars Under Pandua G.P.

2. Protection of Road from Bagnan P.H.C. to Bagnan Post Office in Dhaniakhali Block Under the Jurisdiction of Pandua RMC

3. Improvement. of M.L. Rd. from G.T Rd.Tentapara to Kamarpara end Kamarpara More to pipe Factory at Pandua.

4. Constn. of pucca road from Prijanagar G.T. Road Colony to the House of Amit Sarkar via the House of Asis Adhikary to G.T. Road under Kodalia G.P.

5. Constn. of Jhama Mooram Road from Dakshinayuan Natunpara the house of Biswanath Mondal to I.P.P. Centre under Kodalia-I G.P.

6. Construction of Jhama Moorum Road from Mainadanga Sansthar Math to the House of Pabitra Banerjee under Kodalia-I G.P.

7. Construction of Brick Road of 1 No. Najnul Sarani, Rabindra Nagar Booth 113, under Kodalia –II G.P.

8. Improvement of Panchayet Road starting from the house of Mr. Biubek Mistri to Mr. Sudhama Chakraborty in Booth No. 56 at Deshbandhu Palli Rabindra Nagar under Kadalia- I G.P.

9. Repairing of Rabindra Nagar to G.T. Road via Chourangi, Rabindra Nagar Kalitalander Kodalia-II Gram Panchayet within Chinsurah Mogra Panchayet samity in Hooghly District.

10 .Improvement of M.L. Rd. from Khanpur Bus stop vivekananda sangha, Kadamtala To Khanpur hat and Khanpur hat to Pathan- Para foot ball ground in Dhaniakhali Block.

11 .Repairing of Farmers Rest House(Office Building) at Pandua RMC.

12.Construction of Guard wall of Pond from Kazidanga Sukalyan Ghosh House to Benu Ghos House at Kajidanga 10 No. ward under Debanandapur G.P.

13. White washing, colour washing & painting of walls, Doors & Windows etc. for 2(two) office Rooms, and front Verandah.

14.Construction of Guard wall from the house of Acchu Kurchi to House of Ghotelal under Bandel G.P. under the Jurisdection of Pandua RMC.

15. Construction of shop room 1st floor With staircase at Khanpur hat in Bhaniakhali Block.

16. Construction of 5000 M.T. Godown At Pandua RMC Complex.

17. Repairing of Boropara Checking point and Re sinking of Tube well at Boropara Checking point.

18. Re sinking of 2 Nos. Cylinder Tube well.

19. Sinking of 1(one) tube-well with G.I. Pipe (310’-0’’ depth)

20. Sinking of 1(one)Tube well with PVC Pipe(310’-0”” depth)

21. Electrification of 2(two) Rooms &

22. Hire Charge of Mattress (L.S).

23. Sinking cylinder tube Well P.V.C pipe at Different Places under The Jurisdiction of Pandua RMC.

24.Improvement of Market Link Road at Darzlingpara under Pandua G.P.