West Bengal State Marketing Board
                          Development In The Year 2005-2006

1. Alipurduar Regulated Market Committee

1. Administrative Bhawan.

2. Improvement of Tube well for drinking water at Rajavhatkhawa Hat.

3. Construction of GCI shed at Rajavhatkhawa Hat.

4. Construction of Bituminous Road at Falakata Sub-Market Yard.

5. Construction of open stage at Sonapur Chowopath.

6. Construction of the Pipe culvert .

7. Construction of G.C.I. Shed with pre cost cone. post and vegetable store on existing shed (6nos) at Kamakhyaguri P.M. Yard.

8. Construction of Internal Bitumen Road and consolidation works over P.M. Yard at Kamakhyaguri P.M. Yard.

9. Repairing of Market Link Road (Kamakhyaguri P.M. Yard) from Madhya Parakata Pucca bridge to N.H.-31.200mit.length.

10. Construction of Road N.H. 31(Ghoramara Chupathy to Bamuniya Chowpathi in Kumargram Block.

11. Construction of Box culvert over Nepatijhora.

12. Construction of earthen baudh at Kanchi Bazar.RCC shop cum godown at Kamakhaguri P.M. Yard.

2. Belacoba Regulated Market Committee

1.Improvement of M.L. Rd. from N.H.31 length 1.8 km to Mohit Nagar Agricultural farm.

2. Construction of toilet block at Dinbazar.

3. Construction of Park beautification on with statue of Biplabi Kshudiram including its base and fencing at Kalibarimore, Pandapara.

4. Construction of rest shed including M.S. angels of Chira Shanti Shansan Ghat at Nagar Berubari G.P.

5. With washing for wall and priming of tubular tress including tubular Goal post for School Building of Konpakri Vivekananda Jr. High School of Sadar Block.

6. Sinking of Tube well in two different side of sadar constituency.

7. Construction of the incomplete portion of the Boundary wall of Jalpaiguri Child welfare home.

8. Construction of Internal pathway at Battala P.M. Yard.

9. Construction of jute diversification training center at Battala Office premises.

10. Impvement of rd. with premising chepping carpet from Pandapara to station colony at ward no.12.

11. Construction of rd. from 2 no. Raileay Ghoomti (Jayntipara) to Harijan Basti in ward no.12.

12. Construction of water tank with provision of Drinking water system at Rajbaripara RR Primary School.

13. Protection of Erosion of river Talma at Sonarbari.

14. Construction of Jalpaiguri Child welfare home.

15. Renovation of Convocation Hall of Jalpauiguri.

16. Construction of Rd. from Kharbari B.S.F camp to Gour Chandi under Sadar Block.

17. Construction of Rd. at Bodoni under Sadar Block.

18. Construction of foot bridge over Dokaichand River under Sadar Block.

19. Erection of 20 nos of Cluster Shallow in variours G.P. of Sadar Block.

20. Improvement of road from Bonapara High School to Dholo gram under Sadar Block.

21. Construction of pucca Rd. by from NH31(PWD More to Vivekananda Pally Irrigation Bundh portion from). 00km to 1Km of Sadar block.

22. Construction of Laying sausage crates in apron slope , marginal embankment.Jagannath Colony on existing culvert under Kharia G.P.

23. Construction of Shed (size 16.25mt to 5.05mt) at Soverhat.

24. Construction of shed (size 16.25 mt to 5.05mt) at Camper hat.

25. Construction of culvert at Sukanta Pally.

26. Total Nos of Schemes 19.

27. Construction of Boundary wall for Jalpaiguri Shibbari Naba Yaba Sangha.

28. Construction of pucca Drain Guard wall with RCC culvert at Indira Coloney.

29. Construction of Rest shed at Dhapganj Mandir and Boundary Tarun Sangha Club premises.

30. Construction of Boundary Wall and renovation of existing Building of Child Welfare home.

31. Construction of double storied building for Community Hall of ward 12 Harijan Bustay.

32.Construction of pucca Road from N.H.31 Bandhunagar More to Binnagur.

3. Bethuadahari Regulated Market Committee

1. Repair & maintenance of existing GCI Vegetable, meat & Fish shed at Bethuadahari daily modern market.

2. Improvement of central pathway by rigid pavement etc at rice Market.

3. Construction of proposed Masonary Platform, Pathway etc.

4. Reconstruction of Bituminous M.L.Road Juranpur P.H.E to Juranpur Kalibari 500mt. 1st phase under Kaliganj Block.

5. Renovation of Platform ,Pathway with side drain, repair and maintenance of GCI shed and wooden truss of existing vegetable market to be converted as Fish market at Dharmada.

6. Construction of Inspection chamber and connection drain from the proposed fish Market.

7. Construction of masonry platform with rigid pavement & surface drains forvegetable market having G.C.I. shed with in Bethuadahari daily modern market For making enquiry this proposal sent to concern RMC.

8. Construction of R.C.C. roof over Open Auction Platform at P.M.

4. Balarampur Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of Tublar roof trusses covered with G.I. Sheet at P.M. Yard.

2. Construction of (Ground floor) farmers rest house at Balarampur P.M. Yard.

3. Construction work of a stall .

4. Construction of Groun floor office building at Balarampur P.M. Yard.

5. Bishnupur Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of waiting room for passenger shade at Parkash Ghat of Uliara G.P.

2. Construction of Bus shed with urinal and tube well on the road side of Bankadaha-Joyrambati at Amdahar stoppage under Bankura G.P.

3. Development of Adjacent Road on Both side of Biral Khal connecting Madhuban with Bishnupur under Bishnupur Block.

4. Improvement of Road from Chanchor to Beldulia under Bishnupur Block( Part-A).

5. Construction of Passenger shed with Urinal and Tube well at M.I.T. Bus stop on the Bishnupur Kolkata Highway under Bishnupur Block.

6. Bolpur Regulated Market Committee

1. Improvement of Road from Batikar Bus stand to approach of Shapur via Balta Panchayet.

2. Construction of internal road of P.M. Yard total length of Rd. 9m wide Rd 350m and 7.5wide Rd.350m.

3. Construction of Fish & meat Market.

4. Improvement of Rd from Cheek post to Kahyerbyni village (Up to Gouranga's Shop).

5. Improvement of road from Mundamalikalitala to Maheshpur (up to Kalitala) 1300m long 3m wide.

6. Improvement of Rd from Punusi to Nimre More 1260m 2 wide.

7. Construction of Duplex Market Complex at sian Sub-Market Yard.

8. Construction of Surface drain at Sukhbazar cattale hat at Illambazar.

9. Development of Road area by earth filling at northern side land of P.M. Yard.

10. Construction of 4 Nos Culvert over the approach Road and 50m drain at P. M. Yard.

11. Construction of proposed 1200Mt capacity Godown at P. M. yard 4 Nos.

12. Construction of Boundary wall 650R.M.length of Northern land of P.M. Yard .

13. Adminsitrative approval for installation of Lift at Multiple Commodity Complex.

7. Cooch Behar Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of Market Shed at Dodearhat.

2. Construction of Internal road and Pucca Drain at Pundibari Hat.

3. Filling of low land by carried earth at Chandmari.

4. Construction of internal road with side surface drains (869.oM) within Chandmari.

5. Construction of Pucca drain with slab all over the length within Chandmari.

6. Construction of fish shed (18.0mx6.0m) at Chandmari.

7. Construction of toilet complex Chandmari hat.

8. Electrification.

9. Construction of Black Top road from the House of Bhadra Barman to Baxirhat under Patchara Dangerhat gram Panchayet.

10 Construction of black top road from Konamali Santarbari Adarshe Jr. High School to Dandingeri hat under Dandhrguri from panchayet under Cooch Behar-II Panchayet Samity(2Km).

11. Construction of Bituminous rd. from Paresh Kar Chowpathi to Boxa Road(near Doderhat) within Khagrabari G.P. within COB-II Panchayet Samity.

12. Construction of 48.00M Long RSJ foot Bridge over Begunbari Chhare on the road from Kathabari to Shibpurhat at Village Bhogdabari under Bhawerthana G.P. Within sitalkuchi P.S.

8. Coossimbazar Regulated Market Committee

1. Sinking of 40MM. Dia ordinary Tube well at Chaighari Anchal, Berhampur Block .

2. Street light on Road from Zilla Parishad main Gate at Panchanantala to Cossimbazar Post Office via R.M.C.2nd Gate at Karbala Road.

3. Construction of community Latrian at Kanta Nagar, Berhampur Block.

4. Construction of Bituminous Rd. from P.M. Yard main gate of Kadbel Tola (Tntultala Point) 715m.Long.

5. Construction of internal road (cone.) at Chawl Patti at P. M. Yard of Cossimbazar.

9. Champadanga Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of Market link Road from Siagara to Mamudpur Goghat-II P.S.

2. Construction of Market Link Road from Manasatala Road to Joysingha Chawk.

3. Development of Link Road from Bali hat to Shyamballavpur hat.

4. Development of M.L.Rd.from Arjun Garia to Moina Danga Phase-II.

5. Development of M.L.Rd. of Hetam Chawk Kranjitala to Chiladingi Gram Panchayet Office.

6. Construction of one unit of Shop cum godown at P.M. Yard.

7. Teghari Kalitola more to Damodar Bandh (1800meter).

8. Renovation of Champadanga Piasara Road under Champadanga RMC.

9. Renovation of Market Link Road from Ramnarayan pur Bakshipukur.

10. Administrive approval accorded on 10.1.06 for sinking of mini deep Tube well in the Mouza of Arijeugani .

10. Dhupguri Regulated Market Committee

1. Construction of Boundary Wall around Maynaguri Bye Pass S.M. Yard.

2 Earth filling by carried earth at Maynaguri Bye-Pass sub-Market Yard Phase- I.

3. Earth filling by carried Earth at Maynaguri Bye- Pass sub-Market Yard Phase- II.

4. Re-conditioning of M. L. Rd. upto Black top stage starting from Gadong Club More to Anchal More ( Gadong Anchal office within Dhupguri Block.

5. Improvement of M. L. Road from Chowkindar tagi to Nurgirtagi with River Bed materials at ward no. 15 of Dhupguri Municipality.

6. Market link road (1Km with R.B.B).

7. construction of shed for Multipurpose use (size 20.25mt 3.25mt) at Dhupguri P.M.Yard.

8. construction Of 13 Nos. Stalls at Maynaguri Bye Pass S. M. Yard (With Double storied Provision).

9. construction of Shed(16.25mtrs X 8.25mtrs) at Totapara S.M. Yard.

10. Constructon of open Platform at Mogalkota Sub-Market Yard.

11. construction of P.C.C. drain at Banerhat sub Market Yard.

12. Construction of shed at Banerhat S.M. Yard.

13. Repairing works of grower’s Rest House F/F(Civil portion) at P. M. Yard.

14. Marketing flower garden south side of Administrative Building within Boundary Wall P.M. Yard.

15. construction of shed for Multipurpose use (size 20.25mt 3.25mt) at Dhupguri P.M.Yard.

16. construction toilet complex with the provisions of separate urinals and latrines for gents & Ladies separately at Chamurchi sub-Market Yard (Block of 3 Nos. Latrines, 3 Nos . urinal and 2 Nos. H.W.B.

17. Tube well (3 Nos).