West Bengal State Agricultural Marketing Board


[A Statutory Body under Agricultural Marketing Department, Government of West Bengal]

729,P.O:- E.K.T.P., P.S:- Anandapur, Kolkata 700 107, West Bengal

[A Statutory Body under Agricultural Marketing Department, Government of West Bengal]
‘Kamal Guha Krishi Bipanan Bhawan’
729,P.O:- E.K.T.P., P.S:- Anandapur, Kolkata 700 107, West Bengal

Purulia Zilla Regulated Market Committee
Village – Balarampur, P.O. – Rangadih,
P.S. – Blarampur, District – Purulia

Chairman of the Purulia ZRMC

District Magistrate, Purulia
Chairman, Purulia ZRMC

Secretary of the Purulia ZRMC

Asit Bar
Mob. No.9732967045
Email Id:- puruliazillarmc@gmail.com

Notification no. 658 - AM / O / 12 A - 05 / 2011
Dated 04 - 06 - 2018

Jurisdiction of the RMC

Entire Purulia District

Latest Notification No. & Date

1964 MW & C/AM/O/IM-01/2012



Purulia Zilla Regulated Market Committee

Name of the project executed in last 3 years:-

•Construction of concrete road from Nilamdih river ghat to Kuilapal Sub market Yard .

•33 nos stalls at Balarampur principal market yard, 2 nos auction platform and 12 nos pucca chatal.

•Office cum Godown , Boundary wall, 4 nos auction platform at Kuilapal Sub market yard.

•Construction of concrete road from Kuilapal health centre to Santhal para .

Activities of RMC

•Provide infrastructures and other facilities for the farmers and other Agri marketing stake holders.

•Development of local hats and bazaars and construction of market link road.


Principal Market Yard

Balarampur, Village – Balarampur , P.O. – Rangadih, P.S. – Balarampur, District – Purulia, West Bengal

Sub Market Yard

•Chhotourma Weekly Hat • Dabha Weekly Hat • Quilapal Weekly Hat • Puncha Weekly Hat • Hova Hat • Suisa Daily Market • Baghmundi Hat • Burda HatBartardhar • Kulimati Weekly Hat Kashipur • Raghunathpur • Santaldi Para • Santuri • Krishak Bazar at Barabazar B.S.F • Krishak Bazar at Manbazar B.S.F • Krishak Bazar at Neturia B.S.F • Krishak Bazar at Balarampur B.S.F • Krishak Bazar at Kashipur S.D.A.R.F • Krishak Bazar at PuruliaII B.S.F


•RMC has developed a number of infrastructures in its principal market yard and sub market yards for Agri marketing stake holders.

Krishak Bazars

• Balarampur Krishak bazaar –Block- Balarampur.
• Bara bazar Krishak bazar –Block – Bara bazar.
• Baghmundi Krishak Bazar – Block – Baghmundi.
• Joypur Krishak bazaar- Block – Joypur.
• Jhalda -1 Krishak bazaar – Block-Jhalda-1.
• Kashipur Krishak bazaar-Block – Kashipur.

Krishak Bazars

• Hura Krishak bazaar – Block-Hura.
• Manbazaar-1 Krishak bazar –Block-Manbazaar-1.
• Neturia Krishak bazaar –Block- Neturia.
• Puncha Krishak bazaar-Block-Puncha.
• Para Krishak bazaar –Block-Para.
• Purulia-II Krishak bazaar-Block-Purulia II.
• Santuri Krishak bazaar –Block-Snturi.

List of Hats & Bazars under the management of RMC

•Balarampur weekly hat [ P.M.Yard ]- P.S:- Balarampur•Dava weekly hat [ S.M.Yard ]- P.S:- Balarampur •Chotourma weekly hat [ S.M.Yard ]- P.S:- Balarampur•Kalimati weekly hat [ S.M.Yard ]- P.S:- Baghmundi•Suisa weekly hat [S.M.Yard ]- P.S:- Baghmundi•Kuilapal weekly hat [ S.M.Yard ]- P.S:- Bandwan