West Bengal State Agricultural Marketing Board


[A Statutory Body under Agricultural Marketing Department, Government of West Bengal]

729,P.O:- E.K.T.P., P.S:- Anandapur, Kolkata 700 107, West Bengal

[A Statutory Body under Agricultural Marketing Department, Government of West Bengal]
‘Kamal Guha Krishi Bipanan Bhawan’
729,P.O:- E.K.T.P., P.S:- Anandapur, Kolkata 700 107, West Bengal

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Bongaon Krishak Bazar
Bongaon Sub Divisional Adaptive Research Farm (S.A. R.F.)
Block:- Bongaon, District:- North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

Date of Commencement of Construction:-
22 - 09 - 2015

Date of Completion of Construction:-
02 - 11 - 2017

Handing over to:-
North 24 Parganas Zilla Regulated Market Committee

Date of Handing over :-
27 - 07 - 2017

Area of Land:-
Within Model Farm,
Total Area of Land:- 6.237 Acres
Area of Land use:- 2.45 Acres.

Project Cost:-:-

Bongaon Krishak Bazar, Dist. North 24 Parganas

Administrative Building


R.C Framed structure with RC roofing.Isolated column footing size 2m x 2m, 2.3 x 2.3m, 2.4m x 0.3, Height in each floor:- 3.3 Slab Thickness 0.125 in each floor.20mm thick terrazo work with precast tiles in floors and toilet at Ground Floor and 1st Floor.•Area of Land:-Within Model farm,•Total Area of Land:- 6.237 Acre.•Area of Structure [Sqm]:-208.25 M2 in each Floor.•Height of Structure [Mtr]:- 6.6Mtr, 9.6 Mtr Stairroom Portion


Auction Hall


R.C Framed structure Zinc Alluminium Alloy coated coloured shet roofing over truss. Isolated column footing size 1.8m x 1.8m. Size of Column :- 0.4x0.4. Tie Beam at Plinth Level Size 0.3x0.25. 3 Nos 2Mtr. wide platform with 2 Nos. 1.5 Mtr wide walkway 35mm thick artificial stone flooring corrugated Zinc Alluminium Alloy coloured coated steel and ridging at roof over truss made of hollow section [TATA Make]. Span of Truss:- 12 Mtr. •Area of Structure [Sqm]:-240M2 .•Height of Structure [Mtr]:- 5.5Mtr, Truss Height:- 1.5 Mtr.




R.H.S & S.H.S structure with Zinc Aluminium alloy coated coloured sheet roofing over truss.Strip footing width 180mm.1. 26Nos. RC Columns of size 0.6 X 0.4 and height 6.1 mtr.2. 24Nos. RC Columns of size 0.25 X 0.25 and height 2.4 mtr.•Area of Structure [Sqm]:-643.70 M2 .•Height of Structure [Mtr]:- 6 Mtr from Plinth, Truss height 2.949 Mtr.


Krishak Sahayak Kendra


R.C Framed Structure . Isolated column footing size 2.3X2.3, 2X2, 1.8X1.8, 1.5X1.5 and Column size 0.30 X 0.25. Tie Beam Size 0.25 X 0.30. 35mm thick artificial stone flooring both floors. Verandah with weather Board. Ceramic tiles in floors and walls of toilets. 20mm thick precast roof tiles on roof. •Area of Structure [Sqm]:-185.51 M2 in each Floor .•Height of Structure [Mtr]:- 7.2 Mtr


Open Market Shed


Isolated column footing size 2.2X2.2 and Column size 0.40 X 0.40. Tie Beam Size 0.25 X 0.30. Artificial stone flooring . Roof truss with TATA make square or rectangular shape hollow section as per IS:806-1957 & IS:1161-1958.Area of Structure [Sqm]:135.00 M2 in each Floor .•Height of Structure [Mtr]:-4.00 Mtr. Truss Height:- 1.5 Mtr.


Single Shop cum Godown


R.C Structure with RC Roof. Isolated column footing [1.8 x1.8 ] column size 0.25 x 0.25. Tie Beam Size:- 0.25 x 0.30, Slab Thickness:- 0.125. Parapet Wall: 0.25 m Thick. Intermidiate partition wall 0.125 m thick Verandah with weather board. .•Area of Structure [Sqm]:-60.0 in each Block, Total 120.0 for Two Block •Height of Structure [Mtr]:- 3.6 Mtr from Plinth, [P.G.L to P.L:- 0.6].


Weigh Bridge &Deep Tube Well

Specification:- Weigh Bridge

R.C structure . One Machine Room cum Office with R.C Roof alongwith 2 Nos. Platform Plates with anti-skid strips.

Specification:- Deep Tube Well

Provision for fitting and fixing of Sub-mersible pump 2.5 H.P has also been made in the Deep Tube Well.

Present Status

Present Status of Bongaon Krishak Bazar :-

Bazar Frequency:- Monday & Friday.

Paddy, Fruits, Vegetables:- Wholesale market is going on.

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